Shine with Psi Thinking


Welcome to PSI Thinking

Psi Thinking is able to provide a range of consultancy, therapeutic and developmental services drawing on the skills of a unique range of remarkable people. All our practitioners excel in their fields, and mix natural ability, professional training and real life experience to provide powerful techniques that produce excellent results.

This enables you to get back to playing full on with your work, your passions and your lives.

Happy Chilled

Our Services include:

  • Therapy / Self-Development work
  • Career Mentoring / Coaching - Independent advice with practical suggestions
  • NLP Coaching - Take mentoring/coaching to a deeper level with NLP coaching from an NLP Certified Practitioner. NLP is the modelling of excellence and using it allows for dramatic results quickly.
  • Creative Technology: liason with IT, Web Design & hosting group Simple Idea
  • Consultancy - For business looking to gain the advantages of fresh ideas and thinking




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