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:: NLP - An Introduction ::

Above all remember that once you've learnt something it is easy and comfortable. This is why we've trained and studied for years. It's good to trust the people you're working with and if you are interested we'll be happy to tell you more. Remember to keep smiling, this is fun and it works.


What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a ever growing body of scientific information about how the human mind works built up since the 1970s. At the heart of NLP is a range of techniques and models that offer an access to how people think, behave and most importantly change.

NLP - Developed from...

NLP was originally developed by Richard Bandler (Mathematics) and John Grinder (Linguistics) in America in the 1970s. This was a time of rapid interest and development in the humanities field. They researched into "What makes the difference between somebody who is competent and someone who excels?"

The people they chose to model were outstanding therapise: Fritz Perls (Gestalt), Virginia Satir (Family Therapy), and Milton Erickson (psychiatrist/hypnosis/brief therapy). This came them tremendous scientific insight into what is generally a "humanities" field. This approach leads to great advantages, as it removes the subjective element of much research.

NLP also drew of exisiting fields of study such as Chomsky (linguistics), Korsybski (semantics), Ashby (systems) and core science techniques of modelling, testing, and analysis.

NLP is communication

Core to NLP is the principle that people are constantly in communication and that communication is for the most part non-verbal. But what are we communicating? Is this what we intend to communicate? NLP provides a practical toolkit to enable anyone to become a highly successful communicator.

NLP - Language

The language we use inluence how we think, feel, remember and respond. NLP looks into this process of converting experience to language, and how that affects us both explicitly and implicitly (at the subconcious level). For example the subconcious does not process negatives, like if we ask you not to think about your best friend, you will probably will. The opposite of what we asked you to do.

In the modern setting, given the extent of marketing and PR we all now face, understanding language and how it alters your perception is an essential skill. Both to remain effective yourself in your own business, but also to ensure you think and act as you chose to. Not how the PR/Spin company wants you to.

NLP - Modelling Excellence

Modelling experts and those that excel in a wide range of skills, gives NLP the ability to produce exceptional performance improvements. Imagine what it would be like to be able to find out what makes the relationship you have with your favourite client work so well, and then take that to your other client relationships; or to find what gives a great musician the virtuosity and so enable your own playing to reach the next level.

Applications of modelling include: Education (spelling, learning, writing), Business, Health, Sports, Personal Development.

NLP - Master your mind

NLP investigates the way people describe/represent their perception of their inner/outer worlds (their "map of the world"). This includes the images, sounds, feelings and other aspects of the sensory experience.

This lets us inquire into how we do what we do, what makes some experiences pleasant and others abhorrent.

When you understand how your brain operates you will be able to choose how you want to be, as opposed to being buffeted by circumstances. You are also able to learn and communicate effectively.

NLP - Applications

There are applications of NLP in all areas of life including:

    • Business - Key personal modelling, goal planning, interpersonal skills
    • Health/Medicine - Dealing with stress, beliefs=>health (placebo effect)
    • Training/Education - Full sensory training, adaptive teaching styles
    • Personal Change - Freedom from the past/phobias/limits
    • Parenting/Working with children - build foundations, create excellence