Shine with Psi Thinking


Organisation - A powerful gift..

Have you ever noticed how you feel when your home is a mess, whether it's the washing lieing in a pile that begs to be done, old paperwork piled up on the table, or you can't open cupboards in case everything falls out? Many people feel worried, on edge, restless, overwhelmed, paniced even.

The same is true in reverse, when when there is a feeling of order, cleanliness and space around you. Well that's when you feel calm, centered, and your self esteem increases.

Your state of organization has a powerful effect on your life, not only emotionally but also in the freedom you have to make choices, act quickly and be in the flow.

It is a natural law of the universe that what you focus on you attract, and that for anything to be, there must be nothing first (a space/opening). When you are organised and give yourself clear, calm spaces then you are making space to bring what you really want into your life.

So give yourself 5 minutes and choose that task you've been putting off, and get it done, and clear that space. See what a wondrous effect it has on your mood and what may come in to fill it..