Shine with Psi Thinking


Biography of Psi Thinking :: Who we are..

When :: Psi Thinking was set up to meet the increasing demands for its services in 2003. Previous to this many of its activities had taken place within different framing and through other avenues, by including these former activities Psi Thinking has been working in this field since 1995. The set up was designed to allow a greater number of people to benefit and following the application of our own technologies on the organisation itself. This continues to help us see the boundaries that lie around us and before us, and to move beyond them.


What :: See What We Do

Who :: There are many great coaches and experts that Psi Thinking can draw upon. The result is that All have spent many years training and working in the fields of development, and come with a great package of consulting skills which are very much practical and have achieved amazing results for themselves and those they've worked with.

Examples of our practioners ::

Simon :: NLP Practitioner, Tai Chi Instructor (fomer Gold Medallist), ACA (see detailed bio)
Nathan :: IT professional
Katherine :: Tai Chi, Meditation and Yoga Instructor with over 30 years experience
John :: NLP Practitioner and experienced pyschotherapist, researching impact of music on the mind
Rae :: Doctor with over 30 years experience of working in General Practice and training doctors
William :: HR Professional with over 30 years experience of working across public/private sectors