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Recent Projects Summary

These are some of the projects that Psi Thinking is and has had the great opportunity to work with. All our clients are great people and we recommend working with them completely, they are people of great courage, integrity and real passion and skill.

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Project Industry
Description of Service
Master Martial Arts Fitness Idea clarification, sponsorship sourcing, and profiling system.
Get into Banking Finance Following the request of many clients, we have helped set up Get into Banking, with access to a network of highly thought after and well motivated individuals with a wealth of banking experience. Having modelled and refined what makes a difference, we are now able to provide this more effectively to those who want the career.
Fuel Media Provision of brainstorming, coaching, initial brand definiton, and startup consultancy.
Dinnerndrinks Entertainment Provision of focus distillation to get the business realligned following the explosion of the social dating/networking market.
Psi Tai Chi Fitness Provision of structure to increase client and focus of students applying for training, and clarification of goal for this excellent master of an ancient art.
Business Consulting & Legal Crisis Coaching Personal Coaching Worked with an amazing barrister to get perspective on the legal case she was involved in personally, and also from that base to get her business on track for launch early in 2006.
Relationships & Confidence Legal A great relationship that was being destroyed by a previous destructive relationship that had resulted in low self esteem and trust. Through several sessions and timeline therapies this couple moved forward and 6months on are looking forward to their first child.
Stop Smoking Personal Health - Smoking Creation of unique smoking cessation solution. Involving use of targeted emails, resources and visualisations.
Exam Stress Education Working with several university students to create successful techniques to enable them to deal with stress and also revise effectively in tight timetables, and with many external factors.(distance, family problems)