Shine with Psi Thinking


Tao of Psi

psi tao

Tao of psi is simplicity, how could it not be so.
There is a way for things, a way of things and a way of what is so.
Nothing is fixed, but what is so is so right now.

Resisting and fighting against a stream..
foolish..though sometimes fun and with its benefits.
Flowing with the stream.. maybe calm or exciting.. but have you lost control.

You in every moment can change everything that is to come.
You in every moment can change the meaning of everything that has been.

If you have everything you can gain nothing, but if you are owned by nothing
that you can have everything.

Each ripple has ripples of its own, and ripples that meet again can destroy
each other of grow together, and all in between and outside.

We must be with ourselves if we do not want to be alone, for as one in many
we can easily become lost.
There is never any reason for violence or deception, but they are not to be
abhored for fear and hate give rise to such things.

Choices are out strength, but we can choose again, and choose you will,
whether it is clear to you or not, for us it will be done.

With that a breath was deep, a silence warm and a smile true.

(c) Psi Tai Chi