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Glossary of NLP Terms

Business Coaching:

PPI Business Coaching
PPI Business Coaching

PPI Business Coaching is the coaching practice of the PPI Business group.

Led by Peter Freeth, leading business coach and author, PPI Business Coaching has the greatest breadth and depth of experience and expertise in business coaching today.

Personal Coaching:

Horse Joy Natural Leadership
Horse Joy

Paul Hunting, offers an amazing and unique training experience. As Paul says "People who come here have a hard time describing what happens. But words like ‘awesome’, ‘life-changing’, ‘energy’, ‘miraculous’, ‘relaxed’, ‘easy’ and ‘thrilling’ are routine. We call it ‘horsejoy’. Most of our clients have no experience with horses whatsoever. Some have a lot. Both are regularly transformed by what we do."

Training Companies:

Paul McKenna NLP and Hypnosis Training Company
Do you want to improve your life? Get more of what you really want? Maybe you'd like to lose weight, become powerfully confident, more motivated, happier, a more skilled communicator, understand how your mind works, or just change a habit? Visit Paul McKenna Training now.


Dinner and Drinks
Networking, events and more for single professionals

Ulimate Calm
The New Dimension in Relaxation - havign taken NLP to heart, Ultimate Calm offers an amazing experience for clients to go to a next level in relaxation and make great shifts for themselves in terms of what's available to them.