Shine with Psi Thinking


:: What we do :: The services we offer ::

Psi Thinking is able to offer fire to your spirit and enterprises through:

      1. NLP Coaching / Consulting for business or individuals
      2. Business Concept review and distillation
      3. Focussed Brainstorming facillitation
      4. Career mentoring/Coaching
      5. Life Coaching


NLP Coaching / Consulting for business or individuals

NLP can be used to take an existing process and take it to the next level, both bringing out the natural talents by removing barriers to success and also by expanding thinking. Maybe you want to break a habit, maybe you would like to improve and grow in an area of your life that you are already good at like sales or sport, or maybe to prepare for an interview, presentation or exam...

You may find that NLP can be very rapid and effective. It can work with many diverse issues:

  • Motivation / Self confidence - eg going for promotions, working on a new business
  • Phobias/Fears - eg public speaking / presentations
  • Stress & Anxiety
  • Smoking, nail biting and other control actions
  • Drawing out what works from what you do so you can do it better

"4months without work and I'd started to flag and lose hope, we created a SMART project and I got back into action, and I got a job within 2months, more importantly I was in action and felt better about myself" - Clara Financial / Actuarial

"I went to Psi Thinking to sort out my confidence.. we did what seemed like a simple exercise at the time, but as a result I got back in touch with my brother who I hadn't spoken to in 3 years (something I'd meant to do for ages but been scared about doing) and my life is undeniably better now in so many ways... I never would have thought 1 hour could have changed so much" - Yeran

Business concept review and distillation

Business can often lose track of their purpose or become slowed as the goals dilute over time. A focussed review and stripping away of the clutter leaves the business streamlined, focussed and motivated to continue on afresh. Recharge the enthusiasm to that of a brand new business hungry to grow and succeed.

"We'd been stuck trying to work on 100 products.. getting back to what was important we now stock 5 products we really believe in.. the job makes sense again" - Sally Int'l sales

Focussed Brainstorming facilitation

Having an independent party, coaching out ideas, bringing weight to differing thoughts, supporting the outrageous and "impossible", it is possible to produce ideas from a collective or individual and reframe them to create an invaluable resouce. Psi Thinking uses a great software solution to enable brainstorming sessions to be mapped, recorded and simplified "on-the-fly".

"it's like being given access to a great spring of inspiration" - Bill HR consultancy

Career Mentoring / Coaching

If you go the gym you get a trainer, if you go to university you get a tutor. Day to day we don't have anyone looking independently at our ideas. Friends/families often don't want to say what may need to be said, or try to support you without being able to see a "bigger picture". Imagine someone whose able to give you a space to think, who sees you as who you say you are and who you can grow to become. Imagine someone wanting 1000% for you to go far beyond your level of "ok" and is there to help you train / develop and take those steps. Imainge how great that would be. That's a start of what can be done with a career coach.

"I had just started a new job and was learning the ropes.. it enabled me to give myself a structure to work with, and take on the projects I wanted to, asking for things that I would otherwise have left drift, from simply not thinking about them. I'm now on track for a promotion in 12 months which is great" - Mark - Corporate Finance - Investment Banking